Day 5

Cultural visit in Meteora

Friday morning. We are sleepy but very excited for our cultural visit in Meteora. After short ride we passed by Kalambaka and arrived to Meteora, the largest and imposant built complexes of Easter Orthodox monasteries. Meteora is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List and today there is six monasteries. The thing that makes Meteroa so special is the monasterises on the top of the rock towers. We stopped at a few beautiful spots and took breathtaking photos.

We got a chance to come inside The Monastery of Great Meteoron- the largest of the monasteries. Inside we saw the museum and Kaltholikon (the main church). The rest of the time we spent exploring, enjoying the view and of course taking hundred of pictures of this special, unusual and simple beautiful parts of our planet 🙂

Forum theater & Visualize it

After an amazing trip to Meteora, and some free time for sightseeing, we continued with our day. We were divided in five groups of five to six people, and we had to talk to each other and share either a personal story or a story of somebody that we know about having some kind of mental disorder or illness and about stigmatization connected to it. After that we had to „act it out“, but in different styles, since this was a part of the Forum Theatre. Those styles
were comedy, thriller, musical, tragedy and mute theatre. The situations that we used were a person with OCD, Tourette syndrome, being bullied for being different and having a mental disorder, and not being employed because of some comments on social media connected to person’s mental situation. After each group performed the participants had a chance to rewind the scene and make some changes, in order to see how they would react or what they would do differently.

Intercultural evening III – Greek traditional evening

The sessions finished a bit earlier than usual, because we were given time to go back to the hotel and prepare for the evening. We took several cars and went to a village near Trikala, called Raxa, were we had a traditional Greek evening, and it was in one word – AMAZING.
The food, the ambient, the music, everything. One of the biggest surprises was when a group of people dressed in traditional Greek clothes came out and started dancing traditional Greek dances, and one of those persons was one of our great facilitators, Ritsa. The dancing continued till long in the night, and you can look at the pictures to see how was the atmosphere, but believe us – you had to be there 🙂

Authors: Gordana Kuzmanovic (BiH) & Alenka Covic (Croatia) & Marina Nikolic (Serbia)

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