Day 2

Ice breakers and getting to know each other

Two words but with so many meanings and emotions for everyone. As we were heading, under the still partly cloudy sky, to the activity room already some of us have started slowly to have some first short conversations, smiles and laughs…
As soon as we got in the activity room we made a big circle and started making a name game were we had to stand up and write our name and together saying something special about it. After we made a big circle and using first one and then two balls we were throwing the ball to each other and yelling his/her name.

Moreover, we made a big ”net” using a string that we were spreading from each person’s finger to the other and saying our names again and something unique about ourselves before passing it to another person. Finally, we wrote down to three papers our fears,expectations and contributions that we have during the project.
We finished the day with Ritsa’s presentation of the timetable and all of the activities we will do during the next few days. After that we all agreed on our own ”rules” that everyone has to follow in order to get the most of this project. Some of the policies include smart use of technology, active listening and social inclusion.

Article by: Anastasios Stefanopoulos (Greece) & Karen Inomvan (Bullgaria)

Presentation of the project agenda & Fears, expectations and contributions

A new day had began… Being part of a multicultural envirenment seems difficult but it wasn’t as much as it looked like. With high hopes and oue open mind, we all wished for some insight knowledge. So that we could get to know each other better.

With the biggest fear of not being able to work together, we decided to accept our individual and cultural differences. One of the most important part of this training day was exploring our fears and expectations. This helped us to get to know each other better. We are very lucky to be able to share personal ideas and experiences to each other.

What we weren’t able to do today, doesn’t mean we can’t do it anymore. Life always offers you a second chance, it’s called tomorrow.

Article by: Zaka Kiduina (Albania) & Ugne Terentjevaite (Lithuania)


Exploring together three goods of Trikala. In the group discussion we talked about three goods of Trikala; water, green and women. The team was really excited to learn about that that day we would be the “three goods” and we would get to explore the city with each other.
Every team got time to fulfill their tasks by exploring the area  and by getting to know each other. During exploration the teams got to see each other but couldn’t talk because the competitive atmosphere got everyone involved.
There were interesting tasks that helped us to get to know the historical part of the city better and having a great time together.
Besides the hot weather and high temperatures three teams enjoyed completing the tasks and  getting a lot of pictures. It was a lot of fun  and everyone had to learn greek word trying to get closer to Greek culture.
Half of one team got lost and for them it was like an adventure finding the way back to museum causing a lot of laughter for others.  In the end we got to discuss each others experience sharing the struggles and funny moments that we all had. This was a great day.😊

Article by: Simona Vidojevska (FYROM) & Sidorela Zika (Albania)

NGO bazzar

On the last session of the day, it was time to get to know more about the organisations present on the Training course and do some networking and partnership building for the future. We had opportunity to present our organisations and to hear more about the other organisations: scope of work, goals, missions, target groups, past activities, successful practices, future plans and contact information.

The NGO Fair was organised by using open-space methodology and it allowed us to exchange experiences, to get ideas for future activities, get new contacts as well as provided us with space for networking for future partnerships and projects.

More information and contacts from each partner organisation that participated on the Training course can be found on:

Article by: Borjana Konstantinova (Bulgaria) & Bojan Kocevski ( FYROM)

Intercultural evening I

The intercultural evening is a great event where we have an Opportunity to present our country. This day, we had seven countries(Croatia, Lithuania,Estonia, Greece, Bosnia, Serbia and Bulgaria) who shared the typical food, drinks and interesting facts.

Personally, I loved this event because I got to know a great facts about the countries from the real persons who shared a lot of local things who they know by themselves. It was sparkling to see the differences between the countries and taste the local food.

Article by: Wojciech Kawulka (Poland) & Azra Kujundzic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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