Day 1

Welcome evening and opening ceremony

All of us arrived at the hotel in Trikala after a looooooong trip. Some of us were travelling by bus, some by plane, some by car and some of us were using combination of different transport in order to reach Trikala and participate in this training course. There was heavy rain and everybody was wondering where is the Greek summer the unforgettable Greek summer they were promised! This is Estonian summer!!!  The group was tired but each of us were looking forward to meet each other and to begin the project.

Our first dinner was typical Greek food, souvlaki which everybody liked. (How can they not?! :-)) After the dinner, the hosts tried to organize a ‘family’ gathering with welcome drinks and snacks in order to get to know each other. We said a few things about ourselves and tried to learn the names of the participants. We stayed a bit more, just talking and chatting. The atmosphere was very warm and welcoming and we couldn’t wait to begin the project.

Article by: Stavroula Karra (Greece) & Karin Klaus (Estonia)

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