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About us:

OpportUNITY is a Non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation with an aim to inspire, support and
empower young people. This is achieved through the 3 themes of promoting, Education and Training in
healthier lifestyles and Greater social cohesion. It delivers programmes in Youth Development, Youth
Leadership, Citizenship and Youth Education. It promotes learning through diversionary and nonformal
activities such as sport, media and creative or performing arts. It is a strictly voluntary organisation
and voluntarism is something that it promotes amongst the young people it works with.

It is a key partner in local and regional youth policy making, and an active member of youth sector
networks. It strongly supports community cohesion and engages positively with young people from
different socio-economic and ethnic minority backgrounds to bring communities together through
the medium of the said activities.

Its Youth Participation projects support the involvement of young people in decision making,
and civic engagement, through school councils, local youth councils and national level through Youth
Parliament. This allows them to actively participate in shaping their futures.

Our experience and activities:

We have been working in the filed of non-formal education and with the previous programme – Youth
in Action and then Erasmus+ since then. We have written, implemented and evaluated over twenty
Youth Mobility Activities. We covered various topics such as inter faith dialogue, effectively using new
media as a tool for NGO’s and also training of trainers and youth leaders. Therefore, we feel competent
and ready to share and multiply knowledge about Erasmus+ among other, like-minded organisations
coming from different countries all over Europe.

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