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About the project:

The project “Let’s Speak About It!” is a residential Training Course that will take place in the city of Trikala, Greece, between 27th of August to 4rd of September 2018, with the participation of 14 partner organizations from Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Poland, Croatia, Italy, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo (UN resolution) and Estonia. The project will include 28 youth workers and youth leaders (2 participants per country), 2 trainers and 3 support staff.

Emotional wellbeing is crucial for a healthy life and personal development of any human being. Mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders are very common among young people. According to the World Health Organization, mental disorders are the single most common cause of disability in young people.

Furthermore, 70% of mental disorders onset prior to the age of 25, making the adolescent years a critical window in which mental health can be promoted, and mental health problems can be addressed.

Economical crisis, difficulty of entering the work force and uncertainty over their professional future, overuse of social media and lack of interpersonal communication, lack of self confidence and poor healthy lifestyle tend to intensify this phenomenon. In a not so judgmental society young people and unfortunately sometimes even their families are often being mute regarding their concerns, thus allowing mental health disorders to escalate instead of treating them. Keeping the actual issue to oneself of trying to deal with it “behind closed doors” is not a solution.

If left untreated, mental disorders can impede all aspects of health, including emotional well-being and social development, leaving young people feeling socially isolated, stigmatized, and unable to optimize their social, vocational, and interpersonal contributions to society. Addressing mental health problems early in life can lead to decreases in emotional and behavioral problems, functional impairment, and contact with all forms of law enforcement. It can also lead to improvements in social and behavioral adjustment, learning outcomes, and school performance.

Mental health disorders don’t just affect the people directly involved, they affect everyone.

Addressing youth mental health issues is one of the most important challenges facing our society today!

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