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About us:

TDM2000 Polska is the Polish branch of TDM2000, an international youth non-governmental organisation. We are focused on European youth development, mobility and education. 
The main aim is to bring young Europeans together and give them the tools to construct a better Europe for everyone. 

The organisation promotes human rights, particularly the rights of ethnic and national minorities, women’s rights, as well as rights of other minorities. Moreover, we foster cooperation with neighbouring countries. The organisation also deals with promotion and deepening of regional cooperation, with particular emphasis on the promotion of the Lower Silesia region’s cultural and historical heritage. Our aim is to foster dialogue, common understanding and respect for diversity between the states and individuals of the world, mutual understanding between Europeans and building of a common European identity. 

TDM2000Polska promotes creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and conducts activities to promote youth employment. Fostering ideas of democracy and civil society are also our goals. 
These objectives have been realising by means of international, national and regional trainings, youth workshops, conferences and research programmes.

Our experience and activities:

– regional projects on topics related to youth activation, active participation, promotion of Council of Europe Programmes and all the opportunities for young people given by European Union; (2013)

-Discover Sustainable Development – training course organised to promote ESD among youth workers from European countries, thus contributing to raise awareness of sustainable development issues among young people; (2013)

-Local Learning-Global Mind – TC organised to learn how to organise campaigning for youth organisations and use of different media and channels of communication to reach target groups; (2014)

-Active Youth For Active Europe – TC which addressed the theme of fighting against unemployment, also social inclusion and exclusion, organised to develop leadership, entrepreneurship, communication and negotiation skills, to get to know empowerment strategies and making business plan process; (2014)

– European Youth Labour Mobility Week – TC, to learn how to promote labour mobility,

to help them to find needed information and use tools provided by European Commission such as EURES, Erasmus Plus, to inform participants about guaranteed rights and limitations as well as to let them get to know what support young people working in other member state can get; (2014)

– Council of Europe’s COMPASS Human Rights Education Programme – TC, to inform about international frameworks of protecting Human Rights, how to run sessions on Human Rights Education using COMPASS Manual as a tool; (2014)

– TOTAL – Training of Trainers and Active Leaders – TC, to educate youth trainers and youth leaders for running sessions/trainings related to active participation of young people, European awareness and other related topics. The project will prepare representatives of partner organisations to independently work on preparation, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of youth non-formal education activities related to active participation, but also other task important for youth nowadays, by providing them with trainer’s skills and knowledge such as communication, behaviour, methodology, tools and sources and finally experience; (2015)

– Youth Mobility in the Age of Crisis – The Seminar provided insights into different types of national migration management regimes and EU migration policy. By examining the types of actors and institutions involved into European and national policies the seminar provided an overview of existing regimes and protection measures, economic, national and human rights rationale for existing policies. (2015)

-Surprise with Enterprise – The main aim of the project was to educate young people about promotion,motivation and support that youth workers and young leaders can offer to unemployed young people.Project was also an opportunity to work directly on business planning. Main goals were to try, develop and create new approaches and methods in promotion of entrepreneurship among youth, as well as to motivate young people to use their creativity and start their own business (2015)

– Explaining Europe – During this Training Course Participants developed their competences in the topics of EU awareness, active citizenship and youth social and political activation ;exchanged their ideas and good practice about promotion of European Union among young people and enhanced international cooperation of youth organizations and workers (2015)

-Active Against Discrimination – Training course organised in order: to equip activists with skills, knowledge, competences in the subject of anti-discrimination, with knowledge of the mechanisms exclude certain topics and social groups from the public, mechanisms of stereotyping and prejudice;

to fulfill the need for training youth activists on issues of equality; to substantive preparations for responding to discriminatory actions and to promote actions and behaviors equality;

to provide new innovative approaches of promotion of tolerance among young people.


– Ongoing project, with three activities – Training of Trainers and Active Leaders (TOTAL)

General aim of the project is to empower involved organisations to implement non-formal education activities in their local communities and on national and European level. The project will offer opportunity for professional development of trainers and youth workers, starting from basic skills, through development of training modules, training strategies, to improvement of youth work and training.

The project includes following activities:

TOTAL Basic the first activity of the project, designed for participants willing to gain and develop basic training competences and start working as youth trainers. Participants will learn training methods, tools, available resources, and gain skills necessary in their work. Participants of TOTAL Basic will have to implement local follow up activities together with their organisations and send reports within 30 days after they are completed. TOTAL Advance the second activity of the project, dedicated to trainers with average experience in implementation of training for young people, with clear need to learn about trainer’s portfolio, professional development, competences, development of a learning plan, and other skills and knowledge necessary for a professional trainer. TOTAL Lab (laboratory) the final activity within the project. “TOTAL Lab” is designed for experienced trainers and provides space for creating new training tools, innovative solutions and approaches in non-formal education, development of training strategies and new projects. Activity will also have impact on networking among trainers and development of European non-formal education youth projects for youth workers.

More you can find on our website: tdm2000.pl and www.total.org.pl

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