C:E:T platform Montenegro

About us:

C:E:T MNE was established by the group of experts with the aim to provide support, assistance, services and expertise in the field of the development of civil society and democratic institutions, civic values, and non-formal education for all citizens, especially young people. C:E:T also deals with advocacy in public policy issues. C:E:T organizes events (round tables, debates, seminars and workshops) on the issues of activism, education, promotion and exchange in the field of human rights, and development of local, regional, European and international relations and cooperation. C:E:T especially promotes the development of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development (of civil society).

Our experience and activities:

CET platform Montenegro cooperated with many organisation from Western Balkans and European Union on projects within Youth in Action and other programmes of CoE, EU and other international foundations with topics: social inclusion, youth activism, European awareness, etc. Annual plan of CET Balkan network foreseen activities aiming to include big number of young people in activities of civil organisations and support them in social and professional development.

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