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About us:

CET Platform Italy is the Italian branch of the international CET network.

We strongly support the dissemination of European culture, citizenship and values at local, national and international level.

Our mission is to improve the level of competences and skills of young people and youth workers, as well as to foster intercultural learning, active citizenship and social inclusion through non formal education principles and methodologies.

Our vision is to empower youngsters to shape the world they live and work in, enhancing creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. We want to help young people in their personal and professional growth to contribute to the sustainable development of European society.

To achieve its mission and vision, some of CET Platform Italy’s main objectives and areas of work are:

-Strengthening of civic, social and democratic participation at local, national and international level

-Promotion of intercultural dialogue and social inclusion in the society

-Fostering interethnic and interreligious integration spreading the principles of tolerance, justice solidarity and equality

-Promotion of tools for the recognition of the competences and qualifications of young people and youth workers at international level

-Support social commitment and volunteering to stimulate the public to produce a tangible impact in the society

-Encourage healthy lifestyle, recreational and sport activities, respect for the environment and for the cultures of each local community

-Development of capacity building and international cooperation

-Provide effective tools and methods for the involvement in the society of youngsters, students, volunteers, educational staff, members of civil society and youth workers

We focus on spreading European culture and opportunities deriving from EU programmes, as well as on raising local, national and international relations in network with other local and European organizations in order to increase quality of projects, share experiences and best practices and promote active citizenship, non-formal methodologies and intercultural learning.

Our experience and activities:

Some of our activities include:

•Consultancy: support and assistance in the field of non-formal education and project planning and writing

•Organization of cultural events: round tables, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, accessible to the public, also with the possible participation of political delegations according to the specific objectives

•Information about local, national and international political agenda and about programmes and specific activities for international mobility, e.g. youth exchanges, training courses, seminars, conferences

•Promotion of different initiatives to raise awareness among the public about fundamental human rights and non-discriminatory principles, solidarity and civic participation, with a particular focus as concerning the rights of people with fewer opportunities

•Administration and education: project cycle management, reporting and accounting, facilitation and training, also for third parties, of projects related to the aims of our association, with specific focus on international mobility projects within EU funding programmes

•Creation, retention and development of international relations and cooperation for the exchange of best practices, with a specific focus on education, training and youth

CET Platform Italy members are graduated in the field of international studies and business economics and they are well experienced in Youth Projects from EU programmes for international mobility of individuals. Despite its young age, indeed, CET Platform Italy has been founded by experienced youth workers. Programmes like Erasmus+, that includes actions for youth mobility and a strong intercultural dimension, are the main fields of our activities.

Before establishing our Ngo, we took part in several youth exchanges and training courses, focusing on topics such as facilitation and group dynamics, non-formal education, European citizenship and values, democracy and intercultural dialogue, leadership and social entrepreneurship, sport and healthy lifestyle, by acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

In particular, we have also been facilitating two youth exchanges which were about spreading European common values, tackling also the topics of integration, social inclusion, anti-discrimination and human rights.

As Ngo, in our first year of activity, we’ve been involved in many Erasmus+ projects as partners, both within CET Platform network and in cooperation with other NGOs, and we will implement our first youth exchange, approved in the second deadline of 2016, at the end of February 2017.

With such experiences, we strongly believe and support the spreading of positive energy and motivation among young people, stimulating their active citizenship and participation and disseminating project results and outcomes as well as EU common values for peace and understanding.

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