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CET Platform Hellas is the Greek branch of the regional network CET Platform Network, which today
involves 12 organizations active in Croatia, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, FYROM, Bulgaria,
Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina. CET was established as a group of experts from South East Europe
with the aim to provide support, assistance, services and expertise in the field of the
development of civil society and democratic institutions, civic values, and non-formal
education for all citizens, especially young people. CET also deals with advocacy in public
policy issues. CET organizes events (round tables, debates, seminars and workshops) on the
issues of activism, education, promotion and exchange in the field of human rights, and
development of local, regional, European and international relations and cooperation. CET
especially promotes the development of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and
sustainable development (of civil society).

CET Platform Hellas also deals with environment and ecology issues, arts, volunteering in
local level, empowerment of people with fewer opportunities, mainly residents of provincial
areas, development of empathy and soft skills of its members.
CET Platform Hellas’ goal is to provide young Greeks with opportunities to enhance their
personal development and increase their future employability, by developing soft skills that
may be proven invaluable in the labour market, through mobility, volunteering, workshops
and trainings, as well as to promote the understanding of the political and social framework
of the EU and eventually the understanding and embracement of European values and the
creation of a European Identity and Active Citizenship.

Our experience and activities:

The activities of CET Platform Hellas, since the organization is newly established (2016), are
in their early stages, focused mainly in local workshops and actions, tackling the issues of
racism, xenophobia, human rights and active citizenship.
In December 2017, volunteers of CET Platform Hellas and another partner organization,
visited the Special Vocational Secondary School in the city of Nafplio and the School of
Special Vocational Education and Training in the city of Kalamata and with the cooperation
of the teachers conducted workshops and actions for the students, on the occasion of
International Day of Human Rights that is celebrated annually on the 10th of December.
All of the members of CET Platform Hellas are volunteers, and have actively participated in
several Youth Exchanges, Trainings and Seminars in Greece and abroad. Our members and
volunteers have matured through years of participating in Youth Mobility Programmes
(youth exchanges, trainings, seminars), independent international voluntary activities, and
study sessions.

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