Rääna Noorte Ühing Noorus

About us:

Rääma Noorte Ühing Noorus NGO (Nooruse Maja) is umbrella for local culture and non formal education organizations. NGO is established in 1998 and on our board we have 7 organizations and 3 persons. For today, close to thousand people has gathered under the roof of Nooruse Maja, who go to different organizations, clubs, NGOs and associations to spend their free time, to educate themselves and to live a club life. In our house it is possible to learn different languages and IT knowledge but also painting on china, painting, playing harmonica, making laces, patch work, sewing, line dance, line dance in wheelchair, society dance, ballroom dance, folk-dance, free-style dance, acting, singing, folklore. All activities are continuous and growing, we connecting different interests and different ages. Club life and communication are with great importance. All of the rooms are used by children, youth and adults. Nowadays lifelong learning has become popular because of the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge and raise competency through the learning, change the habits of behaviour to become more competent in labour market.

We have 5 full time employees, from 10 to 15 youthworkers and teachers and  several local volunteers. Difficult is draw the line which activities are run by us or by organizations under our umbrella. We using common website and social media platform and we put lot of effort to be modern and attractive. For costumers, clients is important that they can found activities what they like  and who is behind that  isn’t important.

Our experience and activities:

Our organization have long time experience with organizing different type of projects, events, trainings, festivals. Lifelong learning, non formal education become popular and more people are interested on them.

We have experience in international project partnership from 1999 and from 2009 till 2016 we host 8 EVS volunteers. In 2014 we organized Erasmus+ training course for youth workers ” A Step Forward” In 2015 we organized youth exchange project Dance and share Estonia- France, training courses Restart the game and Learning by moving, 2016 we organized 2 training courses one in Estonia and second in Lebanon, 2017 we organized TC Gender – Awareness to be aware.

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