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About us:

CET platforma Croatia is branch of regional CET network with organizations in Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Macedonia, Slovenia and Montenegro. CET was established as a group of experts from South East Europe with the aim to provide support, assistance, services and expertise in the field of the development of civil society and democratic institutions, civic values, and non-formal education for all citizens, especially young people. CET also deals with advocacy in public policy issues. CET organizes events (round tables, debates, seminars and workshops) on the issues of activism, education, promotion and exchange in the field of human rights, and development of local, regional, European and international relations and cooperation. CET especially promotes the development of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development (of civil society).

Our experience and activities:

CET platform Croatia cooperated with many organisation from West Balkans and European Union on projects within Youth in Action and other programmes of CoE, EU and other international foundations with topics: social inclusion, youth activism, European awareness, etc.  Annual plan of

CET Balkan network foreseen activities aiming to include big number of young people in activities of civil organisations and support them in social and professional development. Related to the project, as our country is new member state of EU, there is huge need for information about labour mobility

rights of our citizens within EU, including often issues due to lack in knowledge about rights.


CET platform Croatia organized 5 Erasmus+ projects in 2015. successfully.


Youth Exchange „Young Europe“ which was organized in May 2015. was project about active citizenship with which we want to support young people to think about European union, European values and all diversities which exist in Europe. Also through this project our participants learn from each other about different cultures, experiences and through numerous non-formal methods they got knowledge about European union and how EU functioning.


Youth Exchange „Speak UP against discrimination“ which was organized in August 2015. was the project in which participants through numerous non fromal methods express their opinions about human rights and different kinds of discrimination which they know from every day life. Through discussions, debates, presentations, group work and meetings with decision makers young people which participated on this project raise their awareness about human rights and gained better picture about discrimination. Also they find solutions which will be used in order to try to stop discrimination in their communities but definitely educate other young people and have impact on all citizens to stop discrimination and start to make Europe with same opportunities for all citizens.


Youth Exchange „Young Europe“ which was organized in August 2015. on which participants through discussions, presentations, debates, round tables and numerous non formal methods gain knowledge about EU institutions, making decission process in EU etc. Through simulation of EU parliament participants improve their skills in public speak and also gain leadership skills which will be usefull on professional but also on private level of them and their organizations.


Training course „Stay Tuned Online“ which was organized in September 2015. was project about promotion of youthwork and youth organization using online tools. As we all know, today the best way of promotion for anything is promote that online so with this project we educated young leaders and youthworker how to promote their activities, organizations, how to run campaigne online and how to bi visible online.


Training course „Creative entrepreneurship“ which was organized in October 2015. was a project like the name says about entrepreneurship and funding opportunities for young entrepreneurs. On this training courses we educated young leaders and youthworkers how to create an idea, how to make bussines plan, how to research the market and which funding opportunities theycan use for realization of their ideas.


Also in 2016. CET platform Croatia organized 2 youth exchanges:


Youth exchange „Human rights – base of Europe“ which we organized in April 2016. with aim to raise awareness of young people about importance of protection of human rights and gain knowledge and skills which young people need in order to „fight“ for human rights“.


Youth exchange „Youth European education which we organized in May 2016. and on which participants through discussions, debates, meetings with decision makers, discussion with guest speakers from European institutions and simulation of European parliament get knowledge about European institutions and how they functioning. Also participants get skills for public speaking and participate in disucsssions with arguments.


In 2017. we organized 1 youth exchange:


„MOST European“ which we organized in Uzhgorod, Ukraine and on which participants from Croatia, Ukraine, Turkey, Poland, Georgia, Serbia and Italy had opportunity to learn from each other about European values, European identity and human rights. Also participants were working in mixed intercultural groups and present their skills during the simulation day. Within this project we also had meeting with decision makers and General Consul of Republic of Slovakia in Uzhgorod, Ukraine with topic of Perspective of Europe in future.


On the local level we working on promotion of human rights, equal opportunities and equality in general. Also, in 2017. we started to organize workshops for kids from elementary school about robotics and using computers in sense of development of skills of kids. At the moment we have one approved Erasmus+ project which is implemented in January 2018. and also our goal is to start to work with European social fund in order to involve marginalized part of society on labour market.


Also CET platforma is a sending organization and have a numerous project as a partners, in 2015. we sent more than 50 our members and young people on the project abroad and thanks to that grow as a organization but also gain some new and educated members which are now involved in our projects and activities. In 2016. in first 9 months we sent more than 100 young people and youthworkers from Croatia on international activities, training courses, seminars and youth exchanges in order to give young people opportunity to participate in something new for them and to be actively involved in creation of Europe which will be the place with same rights and opportunities for all citizens, which will be the Europe united in diversity.

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