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“Learning for Change” Foundation is established in 2016 by experts in the field of education, training and project activities. The main motivation of the team for the establishment of the Foundation is to combine in one organization their long experience in international youth work, youth policy, project activities and non-formal learning. The team of experts and professionals behind the organization work actively together in the field of youth work at national and international level for years. In early 2016 they have decided to create a unified organization to meet the specific needs for the development of non-formal learning and youth work in Bulgaria and Europe.

The team of the Foundation consists of international trainers (SALTO, HRDC), Project Coordinators (EEA, GEF, Erasmus +, LLP, YiA, ESF, etc.), Social workers (State Agency for Child Protection, Pride international), experts in the field of youth policy (National Youth Council) and psychologists.


Some of the achievements of the team members of the Foundation in their previous professional activity:

  • Development of educational programs for training of trainers and youth workers (under Erasmus + КА2, such as 2014-1-BG01-KA205-001743);
  • National and international statistical surveys in the field of youth employment (under Erasmus + projects, ЕЕА, and SALTO;
  • Development of tools for evaluation and validation of competences acquired through non-formal learning (Assessment Centres, Tests, Methodologies – under projects such as NFL for Employability);
  • Development and dissemination of training manuals in the field of Non-formal learning , Sustainable development , Human rights , Youth employment, Entrepreneurship etc ;
  • Development, selection and training of national and international Pool of Trainers (at the National Youth Forum Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal, Spain etc under LLP Grundvig project );
  • Preparation and conduction of online courses on topics connected with youth work – www.gudevicalearning.net;
  • Participation in the implementation of major projects as expert trainers and coordinators – ЕЕА Grant, OPHRD, ESF;
  • Preparation and conduction of international TCP and TCA trainings for SALTO and NA;
  • Developing methodologies for National youth academies and conferences – National Youth Meeting 2013 – 2016; National Youth Academy for young leaders – National Youth Forum
  • Facilitating national meetings and processes;
  • Political representation of young people in the Board of the National Youth Council in 2 consecutive mandates;
  • Development of positions and policy papers on the Law of School and Pre-school education and on the draft law on Volunteering;

Preparation of recommendations and policy documents at European level within the framework of the Structured Dialogue


Shared values among the team of the Foundation are: solidarity, social justice, the right to education and training, mutual cooperation, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, public and personal responsibility, peace and sustainable development.


With its activities the Foundation aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Development and promotion of core values, civil society and its participation in public life;
  • Improvement of the quality of youth work in Bulgaria and Europe;
  • Improvement of the quality and the access of children, young people and adults to training services based on Non-formal learning and education;
  • Promotion of social inclusion, personal development and professional realization of children and young people with fewer opportunities or disadvantaged background and/or such of their families;
  • Development of entrepreneurial spirit and skills among young people and tackling youth unemployment;
  • Encouragement and promotion of social entrepreneurship, responsible consumption and responsible business;
  • Protection of human rights and the environment;
  • Support for the development of national and international policies on education, youth work, employment, social policy and protection of the environment;
  • Promotion of online learning and access to training and resources based on the Internet.


Thanks to the experience of the team members in activities on international level the Foundation has a large network of partner organizations in both the European Union and the neighbouring regions, with a specific focus in the Mediterranean partnerships – EuroMed region.

On national level, the Foundation has partnered with organizations such as the National Youth Forum – Bulgaria, the “Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award -Bulgaria”, NC “Future Now 2006” and others.

The team of the Foundation has deep expertise in the development and implementation of training programs aimed at employment, empowerment, social inclusion, sustainable development, environmental protection, social entrepreneurship, non-formal learning, interactive teaching, modern pedagogy and others.

Our experience and activities:

The activities that the Foundation will implement to achieve the objectives are:

  • Development and implementation of projects with national and international funding;
  • Developing, organizing and providing education and training programs;
  • Providing high-quality alternative educational services and trainings in the fields: Youth work, Training of trainers and youth workers, Non-formal education and interactive teaching, Sustainable development, Social inclusion, Personal development, Responsible consumption, Entrepreneurship and alternative employment, Community development, Organic and alternative agriculture, livelihood and tourism, Environmental protection, Human rights, Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and others.
  • Establishing contacts and interactions with other national and international organizations with similar activity;
  • Development, publication and dissemination of media products – publications, video and audio materials;
  • Development and delivery of Internet-based training courses and learning resources;
  • Organizing national and international conferences , seminars , round tables , contests and competitions;
  • Conducting information , communication , socializing campaigns;
  • Organization of civic activities for dialogue with local, regional and national authorities;
  • Promoting the objectives and results from the activities of the Foundation by all means of public voice;
  • Providing funds and property to be used for carrying out the purposes of the Foundation;
  • Dissemination of information and know- how;
  • Research, analysis and policy development

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