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About us:

The Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Albania (APRA) was born in Tirana in September 2015. The founding members are a group of psychologist, doctors and volunteers that had been involved or are still involved in European mobilities programs, as Youth in Action, Erasmus+.

APRA is a branch of the biggest association WAPR (World Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation) which is present in more than 47 countries. General aim of our organization is to encourage social assistance with leading projects in order to balance the inequality in distribution of income, support disadvantaged, strengthen the social solidarity and lay a bridge between the government and the people in need without regard to race, color, religion, gender, disability,

The activity is directed toward initiation, integration, promotion of the volunteering activities, programs and politics about the social inclusion and respect of the rights of people with fewer opportunities. For this reason we work in the provincial area, realizing projects in the youth, social and health field in collaboration with others national and internationals no-profit organization and public bodies. The association works with local NGOs and institutions in order to involve local organizations and local communities in international projects, This network helps us to involve local participants, when possible with fewer opportunities.

APRA at the moment has 22 active members and 10 volunteers who belong to different ethnic, religious or gender groups that live in Albania. The members have different backgrounds and experiences, but many of them are active in youth work, non-formal education and grass-root activism from 2009, either as participants, coordinators or organizers of various local, national and international projects on different topics within different programmes such as: Youth in Action, No Hate Speech Movement and Erasmus+. During these years of our work we gained a lot of experience, knowledge, skills, practices, tools and techniques on non-formal education, youth work and project management while working with young people from different psychosocial backgrounds from all around Europe. We have knowledge and years of experience in project writing, project planning, project implementation and evaluation of local and international projects.

We try to educate youngsters to a peaceful cohabitation with people coming from different cultures, countries and social conditions, by giving them the opportunity to confront themselves within an intercultural environment which stimulates the development of a conscience about the complexity of our society.

We have 20 persons with special needs that we support with funds, food, fuel, shelter, clothing, health, education and trainings to help them and their families integrate to the society and to adapt cultural difference. They are members and volunteers in our organization and present different problems like socio-economic obstacles, health problems, educational difficulties, minorities.  Also we are running social projects to encourage these youths take an active part in the community.

Our experience and activities:

APRA association is planning to work for this year in the following field: people with fewer opportunities (disabilities, health problems, social issues) childhood, youth participation, agriculture as a tool for social inclusion. During  the  years  APRA  has  developed  excellent  partnerships  with  many private companies, governmental and educational institutions, local authorities,  nongovernmental  organizations.  The last year we have realized:

Taking part in Erasmus+ projects

–  APRA was partner in ” Concrete jungle: urban gardening as a youth work tool for social inclusion of refugees and other young people with fewer opportunities” founded by program Erasmus +. The project was implemented by Kulturlabor Trial&Error in (Berlin, Germany) from 2016-05-01 till 2016-12-31. The countries  participating  in  the  project  were: Albania, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Jordan, Egypt, Spain, Finland, Slovakia and Greece.

–  APRA is partner in the project “International cooperation for rehabilitation and social integration of refugee women in Turkey and Europe” and will implement some local activities in Albania. This Project will be carried out with the partnership of Poland, Czech Republic, Albania, Greece, Latvia, Romania and coordinating country Turkey. The duration of the project is 24 months, with beginning dates on [01.09.2016] and ends on [31.08.2018-at the latest].

–  We organized some local events such workshops, seminars, training courses, Educational Training in University Hospital Center with youngest that suffer from chronic disease and National research in the field of mental illness, disabilities, and social issues. Also we have realize a national conference about “Emotional Intelligence in Health Care System” with a participation of more than 900 professionals and student of medical and social field.

During this Year:

–   APRA is partner in the project “GloConnection Platform ” founded by program Erasmus +.  The project is implemented by Brain Crowd Idea an Project Community. This union was established with the partnership of Turkey, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Kenya, Palestine, Armenia, Italy and Greece. GloConnection want to create a young society and consciousness that supports human rights and works for the benefit of different societies. The duration of the project is from 2017-01-01 till 2018-12-31.

–   APRA is working on the project ” “Creating Health Promoting School Models” founded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC); Save the Children; Terre’s de Hommes.

APRA team has had previous experiences in European mobility projects: Youth in Action; Erasmus + and Euro Med Programme. In particular, our staff can praise a big experience in the implementation and management of local projects, collaboration with other national and international organizations. It also has a growing database of young undergraduates or graduates, former participants or potential participants in international trade, which are actively involved in the initiatives.

In fact, in the last year, APRA has to his credit: 100 partnerships, more than 1,000 “Like” the official Facebook page, 1000 young people reached by the communication events in schools and local associations, over 20 young people already involved in the Erasmus + KA1 .

We are offering our support and active participation in all phases of the project. Experiences and our responsibilities relevant for this project application:

– Planning and management of start-up procedures

– Selection of participants

– Planning and implementation of the preparation activities (before the departure)

– Management of administrative procedures and all technical and organizational aspects

– Management of the flows of participants

– Management of the relationship with foreign partners and with participants

– Planning and implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities

– Planning and implementation of the follow up activities

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