C:E:T Prizren

About us:

Center for Education and Training Prizren – is non – profit, NGO founded in January 2015 by people with previous experience in other Ngo’s and working for the young people.

Our mission is to create opportunities for young people, promote exchanges between students from different countries, summer and winter camps for better understanding of culture and traditions of other nations.  The main goal of the organization is to give non-formal educational possibilities to the young people, in different fields, in local and international level; to promote the idea of volunteerism and to connect young people without reference to their nationality, religion, political, economic or social status. We are trying to help and give the right resources and basics knowledge to young people for future employment and promote the idea of entrepreneurship for people with fewer opportunities.

Also providing Training and financial support for young individuals for better development of the democracy and values of civil society Our target groups are Young people from 13 to 30 years, no matter their gender, religion, race, social status or sexual orientation. We have strong motivation of participating on this Training.

Our experience and activities:

CETPrizren as a partner organization will support the Hosting organization before, during and after project. We will work in the evaluation part of the project. We will Provide IT tools that we will be using on this project, also make follow up activities in our local community. We will be equal partner in this Capacity building project.
CETPrizren will prepare the participant to the project. Participants will be chosen according to the target group. Participants will be participate pre-project training by Our NGO. We will sign a learning agreement between participants to our NGO for sustainable development. Participant will be responsible to learn and share this knowledge with our members and also networking with other NGOs for future projects.

And also this is a good opportunity for Kosovo representatives to be part of this training since other countries will be part of it like Serbia who hasn’t recognised us as a country yet. Kosovo has been recognized by more than 114 countries, including 23 of the 28 EU members. But Serbia is not among them, so this training would really help us create a good environment between us.

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