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Youth Center Kosmos

About us:

The work of the non-govermental organization Youth Centre Kosmos is focused to supports local youth work in the Una-Sana-Canton, offers qualification to social disabled groups and young people and is organizing and running international and national youth exchanges as well as free youth initiatives. Since 2003 we have participated in and organized several actions in the European Youth Program. In close co-operation with our international partner organizations from different countries (e.g. Serbia, Germany, Portugal, Great Britain, Romania, Turkey, Italy, Lithuania) we implemented youth exchanges, training courses, short study visits in Kljuc/ Bosnia, Sarajevo/ Bosnia and Belgrade/ Serbia. Furthermore we have hosted eight volunteers under the European Volunteer Service of the Youth for Europe Program. According to the research of the Ministry for Civil rights of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosmos association is on the first place in Bosnia and Herzegovina for implementing the project in the frame of the Youth in Action Program of the European Commission. We have developed a strategic document on local level under the name “Strategy for development of youth policy Ključ 2012-2017” that was financed by UNDP, EU, Ministry for human rights of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Municipality of Kljuc, and we are one of the establishers of Municipal Youth Council and are members of Una-sana Youth council. Kosmos is a member of several non formal networks in Europe and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our experience and activities:

Since 2012. when YC Kosmos created Strategy for Development of Youth Policy, Kljuc 2012-2017. most of our activities are based on youth employability, environmental protection and capacity building. We are organizing seminars for youngsters in order to educate them about writing CV, presenting themselves to the potential employee and how to write Business Plan in order to open their own company, but in same time advocating sustainability in environmental field. Main domain on which we are working and organizing projects and activities is orientated to the Social Entrepreneurship since we strongly believe that young people should take an initiative and should participate in decision making process. Great part of our activities are based on preserving environment in our local community and education of young people on topics such are: Consumerism, Recycling, Protecting waters and springs and healthy lifestyle.

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